L5256 Series Introduction
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ITSWELL Main Package Introduction

< L5256 Series - 0.2W Class  5450 PLCC 6pin >




As one of the most famous 5450-type SMD LED manufactured by ITSWELL,

the L5256 Series are broadly applied to general lightings such as LED lamps,

MR16, downlights, LED fluorescent lights, flat fluorescent lamps etc, as well as lightings

for advertisements such as sign billboards. By selecting a Lead Frame with high reflection,

the luminance has been improved by more than 1,000mcd compared to the old model, L5056 Series.

This makes the luminance of the L5256 Series 9,000mcd (@60mA). Also, by applying the company’s

unique technology of producing fluorescent substances, ITSWELL succeeded in stably providing identical

color impression demanded by the customers within an error margin of 5000K (pure white).

The 5450 Package can produce white color mostly used in lighting applications, as well as

other various colors using Red, Green, Blue and RGB chips with diverse wavelengths.

The various colors can be used in applications for advertisements and decorations.